About the College

From the President’s Desk

Welcome and Thank you for giving me this opportunity, to introduce the  Dominican International College.

Dominican International College offers innovative programs, non-traditional didactic methodologies and supervised on-the-job practical training or community service, which is self-directed, oriented to action projects, and focused on everyone finding and mastering a field. All of these features stand in sharp contrast to traditional programs which offers a single content taught to all students through presentations and tested for right answers.

Our unique programs will…

  1. Open certificated higher education to a very large new audience.
  2. Offer creative programs which will enable participants to focus, manage and develop their abilities in a field of their choice.
  3. Provide a teaching opportunity for faculty, committed to empowering students with the skills, environment and experience they need to engage in a lifetime of learning and achievement.
  4. Attract grants and other development money from governments, businesses and private supporters.
  5. Become a model that other institutions may want to investigate and emulate.
  6. Accept educational credits for comparable courses completed at other accredited colleges and allow advance standing to students who can provide documentary evidence or exemptions with testing or proof of proficiency.
  7. Allow advance standing for community service, volunteer work or lifetime achievement experiences.
  8. Fully democratize what has been a very selective education process.

Primarily, however, the Dominican International College has the potential to empower people who have lost their way, been left behind for family, financial or other reasons or have suddenly awakened to higher education. We believe that other benefits will emerge as we describe or begin with the process of revolutionizing higher education.

Shakil A. Khan, M.D

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