Foreign Students

The Dominican International Institute encourages foreign students to enroll and study in Michigan. The tuition and application process for a foreign student is exactly the same as a local student, except that the foreign student must meet the approval and requirement for the appropriate visa from the Department of Immigration. A financial guarantee and tuition for at least one year (4 trimesters) is required upon issuance of a provision letter of admission.

The Institute does not have any dormitory facility at this time, but DII will try to find affordable accommodation or home-stay. The student will be required to pay for all such housing expenses before coming to the United States. Depending upon the availability, airport transfers & meeting/greeting service may be provided, free of charge.

All documents for the admission process must be in English language and notarized by the American Embassy or Consul overseas. Documents can be translated by DII staff or affiliate, at an additional cost.

Dominican International Institute does not require TOEFL. All foreign students must take the special English Test of DII, before enrolling in the regular programs. ESL programs are available for those who may be found deficient in English language.

In case a U.S. visa is denied to the foreign student, DII will refund full amount, except US$100.00 application fee, upon receipt of the notarized copy of such denial letter from the U.S. embassy. Generally, the security deposit and first monthly rent is non-refundable by landlords.

Foreign Students are subject to many regulations and restrictions about admission, transfers, withdrawal, residence, leave of absence, paid work, etc., imposed by the U.S. Homeland Security Office, the US Immigration and others. Please check with the local U.S. Consul in your country for more information.

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