General Requirements for Graduation

Credits Earned, Grade-Point Averages
To graduate, a DIC student must successfully complete all required credits. These include any approved transfer credits, and credit-by-examination. (For details, see the sections on “Transfer credits,” and “Credit-By-Examination”) To graduate, students must have a 2.0 (C average) or better grade point average in courses counted for graduation. Students must also have a 2.0 average or better in all courses required for the major and minor.

Participation in Commencement
All students who have satisfied the requirements for the Certificate or Diploma, can participate in Commencement, including those who have officially graduated in the middle of the year and those who have graduated on-line. Students who have not satisfied all graduation requirements but have completed all credits by the end of the spring term are allowed to participate in Commencement without receiving the certificate or diploma. Such students who will have completed all credits at the end of winter term and who wish to participate in Commencement must register for at least 3 credits in the spring term and must sign a form acknowledging that failure to complete all credits by the end of spring term will keep them from participating in Commencement; the form must be submitted to the Registrar no later than the end of winter term. Students who participate in one Commencement are not allowed to participate again in a later Commencement, unless they have earned a second certificate or diploma.

“In residence” means taking classes taught at the DIC campus and by DIC faculty.
At least 50 per cent of the credits required for graduation must be earned at Dominican International Institute. Students must be enrolled in residence at DIC for at least two of the last three terms immediately before graduation and for at least six of the final twelve credits. The final term must be in residence, except for students on approved off-campus programs. This requirement is waived for students completing approved cooperative programs leading to a professional degrees.

Except for seminars & short-courses, the normal time for earning a Certificate at DIC is one year, and for the Diploma at DIC is two years. Students may graduate in fewer than 12 or 24 months if they have completed all requirements, including residency, by the end of their last term and if they notify the Registrar of their desire to graduate early.

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