Internship / Practical Training & Volunteer Work

Internship / Practical Training & Volunteer work,  are an integral part of most programs. The location of DIC provides access to internship, volunteer work and career opportunities throughout the metropolitan area. Internships & volunteer work provides hands-on work experience in business, industry, and non-profit organizations. Although students generally do not get paid, these experiences will expand your education by affording you the chance to combine theories learned in the classroom with actual practice in the workplace.

DIC will try to provide this training at an approved organization, in the State of Michigan or beyond, but the student may be allowed to find, a location of his/her choice, for such training, with prior approval of the Registrar and the Dean. Training done without the knowledge and approval of DII may not be accepted.

Costs involved with any such internship or training (e.g. transportation, accommodation, meals, etc.) must be paid by the student, in addition to the applicable tuition fee.

For certain programs, Dominican International College, may organize cultural, academic and other activities, within Michigan or beyond, including short trips to cultural events, community affairs, museums, seminars or workshops, etc. Some of these events may have a cost, such as transportation, admission, meals, etc.. Students are expected to participate, if such programs are part of the course, and which, in view of the instructor, may enhance student’s knowledge of the subject.

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