School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

ART 101 Art Appretiation & Theory 45 clock hours

Art appreciation is the knowledge and understanding of the universal & timeless qualities that identify all great art, from different eras, movements, styles and techniques. This course includes various theories of art appreciation.

ART 201 The History of Art 45 clock hours

The fascinating history of Arts will be explored in this course, starting with the Art of the Prehistoric Man, the Egyptian & Greek Art, followed by the Arts of the Middle Ages, The Renaissance period & the modern world.

CAR 101 Introduction to Career Guidance 45 clock hours

The course focuses on learning about various careers, the basic academic requirements, skills & knowledge needed, job opportunities, future growth and income potential. It also provides you with the training and skills to interview, listen, evaluate, examine and determine the potentials of a candidate to whom you will offer career guidance.

COM 101 Fundamentals of Communication Studies 45 clock hours

The goal of this course is to explore the many ways communication functions to create, sustain, and transform personal life, social relations, political, economic, and cultural institutions.

COM 105 Interpersonal Communication 45 clock hours

This course introduces the theory and practice of communication within an interpersonal context. Topics include self-disclosure and perception, effective listening, aspects of interpersonal relationships, and managing relationship dynamics. Emphasis is placed on helping students interact more effectively in personal, professional, and community relationships through frequent, in-class practice and interaction.

COM 201 Non-Verbal Communication 45 clock hours

Nonverbal communication is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless (mostly visual) messages – i.e., language is not the only source of communication. The students in this course learn about non-verbal modes of communication, includinggestures, touch,body language,posture, facial expression and eye contact, etc.

COM 210 Group Communication 45 clock hours

This course provides an introduction to the concepts of small group communication. Topics include team-building, problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, leadership styles and roles. Emphasis is placed on strategies for becoming a better communicator in a group context.

COM 225 Independent Studies in Communication 45 clock hours

Students need to suggest a program of their personal interest to conduct an independent study within the field of communication, and seek approval and guidance from the school, before embarking on this program. A paper is required for credit.

COM 290 Research in Communication 45 clock hours

Research is considered to be the professional development journey in the field of communication. This course begins by building background knowledge of important concepts, theories & principles. The observation, examination & collection of data is then used to develop new theories, systems, procedures and programs to help improve communication. The course includes the analytical and critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns and search techniques necessary for the research process

ECO 101 Introduction to Economics 45 clock hours

The goal of this course is to familiarize the student with the basic concept of economics, how it works, demand, supply & price, elasticity, behavior of the consumer & producers, competition, monopoly, cartels, labor, taxation and international trade policies, etc

ECO 201 Applied Economics 45 clock hours

This course covers the basics of micro and macroeconomics, market failures & government intervention, taxation & public expenditure

ECO 210 World Economies 45 clock hours

The world economies are changing rapidly. This course covers the economies of the developing world, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, etc. and how these developing economies are re-shaping the world.

EDU 101 Fundamentals of Adult Learning 45 clock hours

This course is designed for students who are teaching adults. It involves teaching methodologies which are effective, educational, interesting, and interactive.

EDU 201 Education – Theory & Practice 45 clock hours

This course explores various educational theories, teaching methodologies & curriculum designs ,implementation of some of those theories, the gap which may exists in practicing some of the theories, etc.

ETH 101 Professional Ethics 45 clock hours

This course examines the Professional Ethics, the principles and morals in any business or professional environment, including the ethical of the professional’s responsibility and how power and authority should be used in service to the client and society.

ETH 102 Ethics Around the World 45 clock hours

This course explores the concept of ethics in different parts of the world. Based on American laws & principles, students will research how American ethical standards measure up to ethics in other nations, including how American ethics law apply to companies doing business around the world.

GRN 101 Fundamentals of Grant Writing 45 clock hours

This course offers an in-depth study of writing a successful grant application, including the funding environment, grant writing challenges and components of proposals.

HIS 101 American History & Culture 45 clock hours

The course begins with the arrival of Native Americans, followed by the arrival of pilgrims and includes the discovery and exploration, the escape from old civilizations and of the creation of new ones.

HIS 201 The History of the Modern World 45 clock hours

The course explores the long historical processes that have created the societies in which we live and the problems with which we cope.

MAT 101 Math & Algebra 45 clock hours

This course provides students with an opportunity to strengthen or enhance their understanding & skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 45 clock hours

This course covers the basic sociological theories, paradigms and methods of social research. Topics include culture, socialization, society, groups, inequalities, global society, deviance, social class, stratification, institutions, social change, demography and racial & ethnic group relations

SOC 102 Social / Community Service 45 clock hours

This course covers the basics of social work, listening, analyzing, interviewing & counseling individuals or groups.

SOC 103 Community Leadership 45 clock hours

Provides opportunity for the student to acquire the skills needed in effective leadership, including political, social, educational, sports, social organizations, etc. to help the communities. The role of community leaders, ethical consideration, significant changes taking place due to increasing crime, economic turmoil & political unrest.

SOC 104 Community Development 45 clock hours

This course focuses on the rapidly changing demography and focuses on the needs of such diversified community and how to develop a harmonious multilingual, multicultural, multiracial environment

SOC 105 Introduction to Counseling 45 clock hours

The course include the basic concepts of counseling, human psychology, theories of counseling, counseling to children, youth, adults and senior citizens.

SOC 106 Human Sexuality 45 clock hours

This introductory course covers the fundamental differences between the sexes and how their upbringing conceptualizes their actions, inactions, feelings and behavior.

SOC 107 Grief Recovery 45 clock hours

This course covers the basic social & cultural aspects of grief recovery and includes counseling& treatment therapies & modules.

SOC 108 Death & Dying 45 clock hours

This course explores the phenomena of life and death, where we come from, what is the purpose of life and what happens when we die.

SOC 109 Human Relationship 45 clock hours

This course delves into the rather complex and controversial subject of human relationship from social, cultural, educational and environmental aspect and analyzing various theories which have developed over a period of time.

SOC 201 Systems of Society 45 clock hours

This course encompasses the functional systems approach and relates to the methodologies of the various areas of social sciences, including cultural, political, behavior, social & educational systgems.

SOC 202 Volunteer Management 45 clock hours

Prerequisite: PSY-101 This course offers an in-depth understanding & management of volunteers, including trends affecting volunteers, volunteer program planning & administration, designing & using volunteer program forms & records, selection & maintaining volunteers, etc.

SOC 203 Youth Management 45 clock hours

The goal of this course is to provide the fundamental knowledge of development psychology, issues, concerns and various methodologies of youth management.

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