School of Health & Medicine

ADP 101 Introduction to Activity Director Profession 45 clock hours

This course deals with the profession of Activity Director and also covers the history & evolution of the profession, including the Role & functions, Education, Training, professional organizations and Certification.

ADP 102 Activity Director – Module-1 45 clock hours

The Module-1 includes the Aging Process, physical & psychological, including death & dying

ADP 103 Activity Director – Module-2 45 clock hours

The Module-2 includes the Activities, creating, evaluating & implementing programs

ADP 104 Activity Director – Module-3 45 clock hours

The Module-3 includes the laws impacting elderly & healthcare, including documentation required

ADP 105 Activity Director – Module-4 45 clock hours

The Module-4 includes the patient care, including mental health (Alzheimer, Dementia)

ADP 106 Activity Director – Module-5 45 clock hours

The Module-5 includes the documentation required, reporting & coordinating all facilities, treatment, activities, etc.

ADP 200 Independent Studies in Activity Director Profession 45 clock hours

Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student conducts a independent study on a subject or theory within the field of Activity Director. Approval of the school before the study begins and a paperat the end is required for credit

BIO 101 Introduction to Human Biology 45 clock hours

The course focuses on human cell, tissue and organ system function., with an emphasis on a systems approach to human health and disease.

BIO 201 Fundamentals of Microbiology 45 clock hours

This introductory course in microbiology covers the concepts of microorganism, particularly bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminthes & protozoa, including the history, morphology & physiology of microorganism, the role in disease process, epidemiology, immunology and control measures.

BIO 250 Microbiology of Health & Disease 45 clock hours

The course covers the general nature and behavior of microbes, normal flora, infectious process, causative agents of disease, host-parasite relationship, modes of transmission & development of immunity.

CHE 101 General Chemistry 45 clock hours

The introductory course in chemistry includes both inorganic & organic chemistry. Study of atomic structure, chemical bonding, properties of matter & chemical reactions, gaseous state, thermodynamics, electrolyte & non-electrolyte solutions, etc.

CHE 201 Organic Chemistry 45 clock hours

The introductory course in organic chemistry covers fundamentals of aliphatic and aromatic organic chemistry with an emphasis on reactions of functional groups & bio molecules.

CPR 101 CPR & First Aid 8 clock hours

This basic 8-hour interactive course include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation for adults and children, including the basis first aid. A Certification will be issued upon successful completion of the program.

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