USMLE & Medical Board

Passing the USMLE & Medical Board Exam is not as difficult as some people seems to think. Indeed it is difficult and very comprehensive and there are no magic tricks to pass it BUT our research shows that most of those who fail or get low marks are rather weak in their knowledge of the basic sciences. Many of them studied basic sciences a long time ago and do not remember much of it.

Some of the review courses are great and it is also good to have the review books and questions from previous exams but it is imperative to have the basic knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The Medical Study Program of the Dominican International College does not provide you with thousands of questions & answers to memorize. Our personalized method of teaching through detailed explanations, illustrations and reasoning motivates you to learn, understand and remember the concepts.

Teaching medicine is our passion. From pre-med to medical school, hands-on clinical training and volunteer work at our affiliated hospitals & clinics in the Caribbean are just some of the ways we can help you achieve your dream of practicing medicine.

Dominican International College is affiliated with the Multicultural Council of America, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization, promoting cultures, education & health. In the Dominican Republic, DIC is affiliated with Fundacion Dominicana Multicultural, Dominican Medical College, AAA Hospital & Health Centers and several private & public hospitals. We provide FREE cleft lip & cleft palate surgeries for Smile Train Organization ( in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican International College offers many programs, including: 

  • Medical English Course
  • Spanish Language Class
  • Hands-on, supervised clinical training at private & public hospitals in the Dominican Republic
  • Training for Dominican medical license
  • Clinical Training at U.S. Hospitals
  • Seminars on Diseases & Health Conditions
  • Medical Case-Management Program for Foreign Medical Graduates, Nurses & Healthcare Professionals
  • Physical Therapy (PTA) program
  • Programs in Alternative Medicine e.g. Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Natural Medicine, etc.

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